Stage is Set. Rematch of Super Bowl 42 in Superbowl 46

Um where the fuck did all of these Patriots fans come from? I really thought Ray Lewis and company was going to the Super Bowl this year, but I guess God had other plans. Lee Evans couldn’t hold on to the ball after he clearly had possession in the end zone and Billy Cundiff shanking a 32 yard field goal even I could’ve made. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the live and die in la life, is that Boston sucks. Fuck Boston. I’ll be damned if I ever root for a team that’s from beantown. Not really a big fan of the Giants either. Although this guy is giving me a “motherfucking” reason.


Suerte (Football Picks)

This shit looks like a lego model of some nonsense. Holy fuck. I’d pay 25 mil for this house any day of the week. Who lives here? The answer after the jump. Also, my football picks after the jump. Might want to get on this. I’m 8-1 on the year.

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