Cover Girl Cover Your Face in Arsenic

Not a big fan of Rihanna but this is the first pic that came up on my google search for a Cover Girl model. Youre probably askin yourself why the fuck is Loudmouse covering Cover Girl? Heres your answer Continue reading


Why Do People Like Chris Brown Again?

I don’t get it. I don’t think anything I write can even add to the police report or the pictures. I don’t get how people just forget about what happened just cause he’s talented. I don’t get why people are saying because Rihanna forgave him, everyone else should too. I didn’t even know the full story or see these pictures til now. I just heard Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Didn’t know it was to this extent. I’m fucking disgusted.

Sisters ‘Tortured Teen with Pliers and Forced Him to Drink Urine When He Refused Sex and Drugs’

DailymailTwo sisters are facing up to 25 years in jail after allegedly sexually torturing a teenager with a pair of pliers after he refused to have sex with one of them.Valerie Bartkey, 24, and Amanda Johnson, 17, are also accused of forcing their victim to drink their urine after holding him hostage.The 18-year-old victim told police in Wisconsin he had been tortured with a pair of pliers and threatened with a belt.Asked by police to rate the level of pain he had endured on a scale of one to ten he said it was a ten.Investigators said the sisters had visited the teenage victim at home in Somerset, Wisconsin.The man said he was attacked when he refused to smoke marijuana with the sisters.His shoes were ripped off with one thrown into the toilet and the other soaked in the sink.The women then brought the man a drink and told him it was lemonade. When he sipped the liquid he discovered that it was urine, provided by one of the sisters.According to an arrest report Bartkey said she wanted to have sex and demanded the teen get undressed.When he refused the sisters forced him to remove his clothing and clamped a pair of pliers on his penis.One sister twisted the pliers while the other threatened him with a belt.

Since the dawn of time, man has been stronger than woman. From Adam and Eve to the cavemen and cavewomen to Chris Brown and Rihanna. Man has beat women time and time again. Although I don’t condone domestic abuse, I’m actually really against it, but it comes in handy sometimes. Like if I got kidnapped and had my dick clamped by some rusty ass pliers and being forced to drink piss, I’m punching the shit out of these sisters. Might throw a knee in there somewhere. Honestly you could’ve avoided this whole situation by just smoking the weed and fucking the girls. But if you’re that scared of pussy, just throw an uppercut to the fat chick, left hook to eyebrows, take your shoes out of the toilet and walk out the door with your dick un-pliered and your urine not in your mouth.