Wonkavision Prototype Out. The TV You Can Interact With By Sticking Your Hand In It

Dailymail-Television that you reach inside and interact with, like Willy Wonka’s Wonkavision in the classic 1970s movie, could be just around the corner.
Media student Jayne Vidheecharoen from the Art Center College of Design in California has designed a prototype TV that converts physical hands into virtual ones when users put them in the back of the box. Google Streetview appears as a back drop courtesy of a green screen and digital objects can be manipulated and moved around at will.

Somebody really needs to show me how to embed videos. Fuck wordpress. Click here for the video.

Do you know why TV is so awesome? You press power and you just get to sit there and it does everything for you. It brainwashes you. It entertains you. It makes you laugh. I threw my remote at the wall over the summer, watching one of my humongous parlays miss on the last play of the game and it hasn’t worked since. Over the weekend my Cable box decided to die on me so now I’m stuck with Netflix and Hulu+ on my PS3 and it absolutely sucks. The entire reason I got a TV was to mollywhop in 2k12 and to sit on my bed and press channel up and down like a mindless zombie. Not to sit there and contemplate which 1990s movie I should rewatch or which TV show I could catch up on. I want the TV to do the decision making for me. If you’re going to come out with some interactive TV where I have to stick my hand in and make shit happen, that’s not a TV.

PS. No lie this actually looks pretty cool. I’d just never pay for one.