Chris Bosh’s Coming Out Party

Im pretty fuckin sure ive posted this evidence of Bosh’s homoness on here before. Everyone caught the NBA All Star Game last night right? Continue reading


J. Cole Alley Oop-ing like a BAWSE

Cole world, no blankets.

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Be Proud in the Showers : Jeremy Lin

I’m not much of a basketball fan, so I might not be the right person to be posting up this article.
But man….I’m so impressed with what I just saw, I really don’t give a fuck.
No more dry cleaning,peking sauce,mathematician,dog eating,you break you buy jokes!
Well, he’ll probably still get shitted on with the stereotypical jokes but at least he can stand tall in the shower room.

Not to be a cynic here, but I’ve seen Jin Tha Mc fuck it up before.
So forgive my skepticism and I hope Jeremy isn’t pulling a Rex Chapman and shit.

P.S. – Harvard graduate?! You know he’s calculating the angle of his passes and shots.
So maybe it’s more math than skills.

One Thing I Love About the Lakers : FREE WINGS!!

That’s right.
I really don’t give a shit about the Lakers but for 5 pcs of free wings, I will be Uncle Jack himself on the sideline.

So here’s how this works.
Wingstop is offering 5 free pcs of boneless wings w/ a purchase of a 20 oz. drink for EVERY AWAY win for the Lakers.
Read the directions provided below:

“If you text WINGSTOP to 525377 you’ll receive a text message on each Lakers gameday with a coupon good at a Southern California Wingstop location. The current coupon is for 5 FREE Boneless wings with any 20oz drink or fries purchase at a So. CA Wingstop . Offer valid on the following day only.”

Since the Lakers got away with a win against Minnesota, tomorrow is FREE WING DAY.

NBA Top 10 01/23/2012

Geez. Tim Duncan is a monster. I took a look at the standings in the east and west today. How odd is this? Lakers are in 10th in the west and Miami is 6th. Indiana and Denver are in second place. This shortened season is like bizarro world and all these teams are just bizarro superman’s leaving the Heat and Lakers confused as fuck. I wanted to see a Kobe Lebron matchup in the finals but with the way these bizarros are playing, looks like that’s not gonna happen.

Clippers > Lakers?

The 2012 NBA season. Where the Clippers play better than the Lakers without Chris Paul. How bad do the Lakers look right now? Pau and Bynum aren’t looking like all that they’re cut out to be. Roy Hibbert put on a clinic last night with his Mr. Potato head nose and Kobe missed yet another buzzer beater. Taking all bets again for Wednesday Clippers game. I don’t even need spread. Again.