Chris Bosh’s Coming Out Party

Im pretty fuckin sure ive posted this evidence of Bosh’s homoness on here before. Everyone caught the NBA All Star Game last night right? Continue reading


Suerte NBA 02/21/2012

NBA all star weekend, UFC 145, and some soccer shit Ben’s all horny about. This has the makings to a very memorable weekend. Too bad I fucking spent like 85% of my paycheck last weekend and I didn’t even get any Jordan’s. Just got to hold Qudoe’s 4s like some kind of homeless kid. Despite starting the week all retarded, I’m really looking forward to this jam packed sports weekend.

Winners in bold, home team on the right. 7-7 on the year.

Pistons +1.5 at Cavs
Spurs +4 at Blazers
Sixers -1 at Grizzlies