Chris Bosh’s Coming Out Party

Im pretty fuckin sure ive posted this evidence of Bosh’s homoness on here before. Everyone caught the NBA All Star Game last night right? Continue reading


NBA Top 10 01/29/2012

House of highlights baby! Woke up to pretty good Miami Chicago rematch yesterday followed up by an even better Dallas San Antonio Game and then a Lakers Timberwolves matchup. Check out the link for some free wingstop for folks in LA.

Kobe Bryant Is An Asshole. Here’s Why

Does Kobe think he’s fucking cool now? Is that it? How does Shaq’s ass taste buddy. I hate Kobe almost as much as I hate the Kardashians and I would pay to see a show about the Kardashians going broke and getting STD’s all over their faces. Here are 11 of the “best” Kobe quotes this year. I can’t wait til Lebron takes a shit on his face Thursday. Y’all Lakers fans better start praying that Dwayne Wade’s ankle doesn’t heal up.

The rest of the rapist’s quotes after the jump.

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Hall of Fame x Mitchell & Ness Snapback Give Away

Aright you cheap fucks.
I know I promised a mid-night update with rules, but unlike you fat fucks in front of a computer screen, I have a social life that needs up-keeping.
Here are the fuckin’ rules that you’ve been waiting for so pay close attention.

1. Like our Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, then you don’t deserve to win shit. ( Our Facebook Page ) If you already do, Kudos to you!

2. The Los Angeles Lakers will be playing against the Miami Heat on the 19th of January (Thursday). All you have to do is predict how many points in total Kobe Bryant,Andrew Bynum,and Gasol will score COMBINED.
Notice the bold word up there you retards. Kobe + Bynum + Gasol’s Points.

3. Leave your predictions on our FACEBOOK wall.
You will NOT be allowed more than one guess.

Good fuckin luck.
This hat will NEVER be made in the same color-way or design from Hall of Fame again.
Do yourself or your man a favor, and get off your lazy to win this hat.

P.S. – All you retards that act like you know so much about sports, it’s time to put your Ms.Cleo skills to the test.

P.P.S. – This contest is absolutely free, and winners will be contacted through Facebook. Anyone can participate.

P.P.S – Our Facebook Page

NBA top 10 01/05/2012

Haven’t seen a full Heat game since Christmas and I’m glad I caught yesterday’s game. A few things to take away from it. How scary are the Heat? Like aren’t the rest of you just shitting your pants praying Lebron and Dwade never come back? Even without them this team is tearing apart that Hawks defense. The second thing is Charles Barkley needs to announce more games. Yesterday was fucking hilarious. I didn’t hear him say shit about the actual game. “Shane Battier is old as fuck but he still knows how to play defense. I can’t call him a dirtbag? You know I can’t get fired Reggie, I’m TNT’s bread and butter.” Actual quotes. And the last thing… Jerry Stackhouse still plays basketball?!?! Tracy Mcgrady’s line yesterday was 14 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal, 2 blocks and 1 three? You guys can have your hockey and your football. I’m sticking to this script.