Chris Bosh’s Coming Out Party

Im pretty fuckin sure ive posted this evidence of Bosh’s homoness on here before. Everyone caught the NBA All Star Game last night right? Continue reading


NBA Top 10 02/13/2012 Suerte Too

Blah blah blah BOOM. Yesterdays top 10 should’ve just been that Lebron dunk 10 times. Oh my. The only game I caught last night was the end of the Suns Warriors game, but it got me thinking… Suerte for basketball games? Fuck it. Let’s do it and keep track of how many games I hit. By years end we’ll probably be millionaires. Home team on the right, winning pick in bold.

Miami Heat -2 at Indiana Pacers
New York Knicks -5 at Toronto Raptors
Sacramento Kings +12 at Chicago Bulls
Atlanta Hawks at Los Angeles Lakers OVER 177.5

So It Turns Out Kobe Isn’t the Only Guy In LA Who Rapes People

I’ve heard of multiple orgasms before and before this dunk I’m not going to lie. I thought they were myths. What was that? That was some karma sutra of basketball right there. Lebrons dunk yesterday had me off of my chair, but this one takes all cakes. I’m putting this in the top 3. Debating REALLY hard to move the Vince Carter jumping over Frederic Weis.

The Lebron dunk if you haven’t seen it yet.

Yeah nevermind this dunk is my favorite dunk ever.

Kobe Bryant Is An Asshole. Here’s Why

Does Kobe think he’s fucking cool now? Is that it? How does Shaq’s ass taste buddy. I hate Kobe almost as much as I hate the Kardashians and I would pay to see a show about the Kardashians going broke and getting STD’s all over their faces. Here are 11 of the “best” Kobe quotes this year. I can’t wait til Lebron takes a shit on his face Thursday. Y’all Lakers fans better start praying that Dwayne Wade’s ankle doesn’t heal up.

The rest of the rapist’s quotes after the jump.

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