J. Cole Alley Oop-ing like a BAWSE

Cole world, no blankets.

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Basketball Is Back, Bitches.

Sucks for Drew Brees. He broke one of those unbreakable records. Those Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Emmitt Smith, Cam Newton kind of records he broke. And just like any other sporting event from now until June, it will be irrelevant compared to the NBA. Anything other than a Mayweather Pacquaio fight, people need to start saving their record breaking for the NBA offseason because nobody is going to give a fuck. The Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings today and that was more discussed than a guy breaking a record set 27 years ago. At least on my newsfeed it was. More Ricky Rubio debut discussion, more Kris Humphries bashing and praising, more Dallas Maverick hating than anything and I fucking love it. The NBA is finally back bitches.

I Don’t Think Kobe is Too Excited to Play for Mike Brown

Absofuckinglutely my favorite picture of Kobe. It beats that whole white pilgrim thing he did for The LA Times. Shit takes the cake. Just an awesome “shut the fuck up and give me the ball” face. Maybe the best expression I’ve ever seen on Kobe’s face. Love it. I expect this to be a meme by the end of the weekend.