Man Utd Files : Edwin Van Der Sar

Don’t get me wrong.
I can’t wait until De Gea develops into a world-class keeper, and I respect Fergie’s decision to bring him in.
But I can’t help but to miss VDS wearing the 1 shirt.
There’s something about having him between the sticks that makes me feel safe.

Goodbye Chelsea.

He likes eating kimchi.
I swear.


Just A Wednesday at LoudMouse

Been a fucking crazy 24 hours. I think I’m running on 2 hours of sleep right now. Html this and php that. Blogging is fucking hard enough without having to do all that technical bullshit. I’ve been on chat with sand n*ggers for the better part of the past 15 hours and we finally have our site semi back up. Sorry for all the inconvenience folks. We’ll make it up to you.

Anyways last night for dinner I got dragged to the Grove because a friend of mine was fiending for jambalaya. Now Gumbo Pot I admit, is pretty fucking delicious. That cornbread, walnut salad, louisiana hot sauce on jambalaya combo is deadly. Well guess what happens when we get to the Farmers Market by the Grove. A bunch of old people who migrated here after Katrina just blowing my spot up. Masked people everywhere, drunk as fuck, dancing like its a scene straight out of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so out of place before. I thought Mardi Gras was all about the glamour. Titty flashing and beads with a side of alcohol poisoning.

On a serious note though, even though I felt like I was on another planet, it was pretty fucking cool to see another culture like that. NOLA def is an interesting ass culture. It was the most interracial party I’ve seen. Kind of like the Saints. You see mexicans, black, asians, whites. It was a gumbo pot at the Farmers Market.

Just found this on youtube. It was JUST like this. Except I stood in a line that didn’t move for an hour for food I didn’t even eat.

Standing Ovation : Malena Costa

August 31st, 1989.
Spanish model Malena Costa’s been linked with Barcelona’s Captain,Carlos Puyol.
I think they broke up..I hope they did.

She has the droopy eye effect going on.
That, “I’m sad because you’re not playing with me” look.

Remind me to be born again as a cat.

God blessed the year 1989.

Rooney Out for Thursday’s Game vs Ajax

Rooney will be out of the clash between United and Ajax tomorrow night with a throat infection (no homo).

Rooney is out for tomorrow,” said Sir Alex. “He has a bad throat. There were traces of it in Amsterdam last Thursday and he’s been in bed for a lot of the weekend. He came in this morning for the first time. We’re trying hard to get him ready for Sunday [at Norwich].”


Hopefully this doesn’t dampen the team’s morale.
Berbatov will have a chance to prove himself, but I’m not holding my breath.
We are playing at home, so I will expect a victory despite being up 2-0 aggregate.


Fuck Recession : 70% Off North Face

North Face looks to empty out some shelves by promoting a decent sale.
The items on sale are from past seasons, but who really gives a shit.
There’s some stuff for men, and a lot of exercising tights for women.
Time to work out the Valentine’s Day chocolate fat you picked up, why not do it in style?

Click HERE to view the sale.