Preview Apple MAC OS x Mountain Lion

Adding the iMessage feature to your laptop really changes things.
Sending photos,videos, and texts while browsing on your computer is definitely a plus.
Now your porn experiences through your computer can go uninterrupted, as Mac tries to really make life so much more convenient through their products, and their products ONLY.

I know all the rappers are going to jump on that Notes feature.
Maybe Drake can let his Blackberry down.



People In Maine Would Rather Be Jeremy Lin Than Mark Zuckerberg?

Okay first things first, according the “The Social Network”, Zuckerberg didn’t even graduate Harvard. Why is he even on this list? Every kid in America is probably all “I DONT NEED TO GO TO HARVARD MOM! ZUCKERBERG DIDN’T GRADUATE AND HES A FUCKING GAJILLIONAIRE MOM. I’LL DO MY CALCULUS HOMEWORK NEVER.” I know I know. Jeremy Lin is all over your facebook newsfeed and yes, everybody and their mamas are all talking about him. It’d be nice to be that popular. It’d be nice to be leading the Knicks back into playoff contention and yes it’d be nice to be a hero. But do you know who Mark Zuckerberg is? He’s the Henry Ford of our generation. Except facebook is better than cars. Guy is a fucking 27 year old bajillionaire. He’s got the whole world in his hands. To take Jeremy Lin over Mark Zuckerberg is just Linsanity.
 PS. Way to go Hawaii. Fuck Conan and our President. I’m totally with you on this one. If I got 1000 votes, I’d vote Zuckerberg 999 times and throw in one for Lin. Just for fun. Lin and Zuckerberg can run this country right?

Defuse Your Alarm Clock

Having the option of “snooze” sometimes gets in the way of being punctual.
This alarm clock is out to be your next drill sergeant and won’t take “5 more minutes” for an answer.

How this works :
When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, a four digit code appears on the display panel of your clock.
It requires you to memorize the four digits, and manually input the code on a separate remote control to silence the alarm.
You can also enter the date as an alternative option.

I guess it’s still a dream project for the company Kickstarter but the prototype can be bought for $350.00.

Manchester United 2011-12 Fixtures on iCal & Google Calendar


I might be a caveman for being amazed at some shit like this but WOW!
Download the .ics file for your Mac iCal and it automatically inputs all the Man United matches for this season!
Not only the Premier League games, but the Europa League fixtures as well.
Sync it to your iPhone, and you can have reminders for each game!

Talk about technology.

For the PC users, you can also download the Google Calendar as well.


Forgot the link.

Download the schedule HERE

WTF : Louis Vuitton Range Rover

Louis Vuitton condoms, Louis Vuitton playing cards, and now Louis Vuitton Range Rover?!
I know Louis Vuitton would never do something like this, and to have it personally made is a total waste of money.
I don’t see the reason to take a perfectly normal car, and stick monogram prints all around it.

At least make it the Damier print.

Throwback Thursdays Casio F91W

I don’t care if terrorists blow shit up with this and you could probably get arrested just for wearing one, that watch brings back memories. I probably went through about 5 of these, losing them and whatnot. Ever since I was a kid, I knew a nice watch meant you were rich. I don’t know who told me that, but it was always in the back of my mind. So anytime I wanted to impress someone, I was wearing my Casio out. Oh you want to play Pokemon? Let me put my watch on real quick. You want to play H-O-R-S-E for lunch tickets? Let me put my watch on real quick. Wearing one of these made me feel like a king. Til I grew up and got myself a Fossil. I wouldn’t even mind buying one of these anymore except for the fact that you can’t find them anymore except at places like Urban Outfitter where this 7 dollars watch costs at least 50.

Google = Globex Corporation

If you’re not willing to watch the whole 7 minutes, just Google showing off their offices and their amenities. They make it not seem like an office that gets actual work done. It’s nerd paradise in there. I think this has to be a commercial. Like google is really desperate to have actual people submit resumes so that they can hire. Then again that doesn’t make sense because its fucking google. They can afford shit like this and not care. They own everything anyways. They probably own loudmouse too. More after the jump

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