Chris Bosh’s Coming Out Party

Im pretty fuckin sure ive posted this evidence of Bosh’s homoness on here before. Everyone caught the NBA All Star Game last night right? Continue reading


J. Cole Alley Oop-ing like a BAWSE

Cole world, no blankets.

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Man Utd Files : Edwin Van Der Sar

Don’t get me wrong.
I can’t wait until De Gea develops into a world-class keeper, and I respect Fergie’s decision to bring him in.
But I can’t help but to miss VDS wearing the 1 shirt.
There’s something about having him between the sticks that makes me feel safe.

Goodbye Chelsea.

He likes eating kimchi.
I swear.

Standing Ovation : Malena Costa

August 31st, 1989.
Spanish model Malena Costa’s been linked with Barcelona’s Captain,Carlos Puyol.
I think they broke up..I hope they did.

She has the droopy eye effect going on.
That, “I’m sad because you’re not playing with me” look.

Remind me to be born again as a cat.

God blessed the year 1989.

Rooney Out for Thursday’s Game vs Ajax

Rooney will be out of the clash between United and Ajax tomorrow night with a throat infection (no homo).

Rooney is out for tomorrow,” said Sir Alex. “He has a bad throat. There were traces of it in Amsterdam last Thursday and he’s been in bed for a lot of the weekend. He came in this morning for the first time. We’re trying hard to get him ready for Sunday [at Norwich].”


Hopefully this doesn’t dampen the team’s morale.
Berbatov will have a chance to prove himself, but I’m not holding my breath.
We are playing at home, so I will expect a victory despite being up 2-0 aggregate.


Asian Strippers In New York Wearing Lin Jerseys On Stage

TMRzooLinsanity has reached every corner of New York and everyone seems to be getting excited… even the dancers at Rick’s Cabaret. That’s right, the girls from the favorite gentlemen’s club of the Howard Stern show staff have gone “Linsane”. “We love the Knicks, and Jeremy Lin is amazing,” said Sky, a dancer at the famous midtown Manhattan gentlemen’s club. “He’s done so much for the team. I think everyone here in New York has got the linsanity.” “He’s linvincible,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Anna. “I would like a lintroduction to him. I find him lintriguing,” she explained. “I’m wearing his #17 jersey, and its so easy to strip out of,” she cooed.“We support Lin and the Knicks. Anyone bringing their ticket stub after a Knick game will get complimentary admission here at the club,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alex.You can go to Rick’s yourself and discuss Jeremy Lin and the Knicks in person with all the girls.”

This is when you know this whole Linsanity is getting out of hand. Not the racist ESPN posts, not Mayweather and Lil Wayne being haters, not even when Kim Kardashians trying to fuck. You know it’s getting out of hand when Asian strippers are wearing his jersey as a stripper uniform. We’re talking about Jeremy Lin, the Chinese kid from Harvard who said his favorite rapper was LeCrae and that he listens to Hillsong? The same kid who’s taking the NBA by storm, but also was a leader of the Christian club at Harvard. I’m so jealous of J-Lin I can’t stand it. I’m sure there wasn’t ever an office pool over at ESPN, J-Lin losing his v-card by season end is something I’d bet on. With the addition of JR Smith, the insane amount of publicity to the point where Kim K herself is advertising herself and now strippers opening their legs with his number on his back. No way that man can stay single.

Suerte NBA 02/21/2012

NBA all star weekend, UFC 145, and some soccer shit Ben’s all horny about. This has the makings to a very memorable weekend. Too bad I fucking spent like 85% of my paycheck last weekend and I didn’t even get any Jordan’s. Just got to hold Qudoe’s 4s like some kind of homeless kid. Despite starting the week all retarded, I’m really looking forward to this jam packed sports weekend.

Winners in bold, home team on the right. 7-7 on the year.

Pistons +1.5 at Cavs
Spurs +4 at Blazers
Sixers -1 at Grizzlies