J. Cole Alley Oop-ing like a BAWSE

Cole world, no blankets.

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Koreans Have Talent : Lee Ha Yi (KPOP Star)

Really excited.
Why? It’s about time Koreans are taken more seriously about their talents.
Put away the math,dry cleaning, and slanted eye jokes. Bring on the compliments.
We can dance, we can sing, we can do it with the best of em.
Guess what? Our country is half the size of Minnesota and we’re pumping out all sorts of shit.

Wale feat Big Sean – Slight Work (directed by Chris Brown)

Not a big fan of Wale, but I really like this song. Diplo on the beat, with a Big Sean feature….and a Chris Brown directed video?!

P.S. – See 0:14 for this kid skating right next to Big Sean.
I wonder what would’ve happened if his 360 flip clocked Big Sean in the knee.

J. Cole Guest Appearing in Anticipation Tour?!


Trey Songz stops at Vegas to perform at the Palms tonight.
He’s on a nationwide tour called Anticipation, featuring Big Sean.
I just got this through Trey’s Instagram, and it looks like J Cole is in the beeeeelding.
Super jealous of my significant other who’ll be in attendance of today’s show, leaving me in the dust.

Can anyone confirm?

Why The Fuck Do People Like This Guy?

I don’t listen to any house music. It gives me a headache. But since its taking over the world and all, I guess I was bound to blog about it once in a awhile and keep myself educated on it. This guy Skrillex seems to be all the talk of the town. If you ask me though, he looks like a grade A bitch. A+ bitch. I probably sound like a bitter asshole and I am pretty jealous. We’re the same age and this fuckers a millionaire winning grammys and shit. Well at least I don’t look like a bitch.

More dumbass pictures of Skrillex for those of you who’ve wondered what he looks like.

PS. Go jump off a bridge.

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