Cover Girl Cover Your Face in Arsenic

Not a big fan of Rihanna but this is the first pic that came up on my google search for a Cover Girl model. Youre probably askin yourself why the fuck is Loudmouse covering Cover Girl? Heres your answer Continue reading


Fuck Recession : 70% Off North Face

North Face looks to empty out some shelves by promoting a decent sale.
The items on sale are from past seasons, but who really gives a shit.
There’s some stuff for men, and a lot of exercising tights for women.
Time to work out the Valentine’s Day chocolate fat you picked up, why not do it in style?

Click HERE to view the sale.

Things I Would Buy if This Blog Made Money : Billionaire Boys Club

This the type of shit that makes you wanna walk up to a bitch and just slap her.
That’s how fuckin pimp the outfit is.
The pants come with the suspenders, and suspenders mean business.

Item : The Orientation Pants
Price : $145.00

Not a huge fan of pink, but this is on some good shit.
Bitches wanna lick you cause you remind em of cotton candy.

Item : The Mascot Hoody
Price : $155

Crooks and Castles is Hiring.

That’s right.
Time for you to be a part of the hip crowd.
Always wanted to be a part of the Fairfax family? Here’s your chance.
I’m a 1000% sure that none of you will get hired, but who the fuck cares.
It’s a worth a try.

Here’s the link for more info.

Things I Would Buy if This Blog Made Money : Reigning Champs Sweat Suit

Some people like to think of sweats as a waste of money.
I like to think of it as an investment in comfort with style.
I absolutely love the color grey and navy blue so, you just can’t go wrong with them.

Get Your Air Jordan IV “Cement” Here

They still have a decent run of sizes for a real good price, and other Jordans as well.
No need for Craigslist or eBay.
Get your shit here while it lasts.

Pay with Paypal and get your money back if there’s anything fishy going on.

P.S. – ONLY $230 for Cements?!

Oh, click the HERE for the Site.