J. Cole Alley Oop-ing like a BAWSE

Cole world, no blankets.

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How That Feel? Very Happy

March 15th. Can’t really put my finger on why Community’s such a fun show. It’s not even really funny. I guess it’s just entertaining. I never finished community college so I guess for me it’s kind of an insight into what I missed. Although if I had a Troy or Abed, I probably would’ve kept going to school.

Why Do People Like Chris Brown Again?

I don’t get it. I don’t think anything I write can even add to the police report or the pictures. I don’t get how people just forget about what happened just cause he’s talented. I don’t get why people are saying because Rihanna forgave him, everyone else should too. I didn’t even know the full story or see these pictures til now. I just heard Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Didn’t know it was to this extent. I’m fucking disgusted.

The Most Epic Rap Battle Ever

Normally I would tell your lazy asses where to go for the funny segment….cept the WHOLE THING is hilarious.

I don’t wanna spoil it for ya’ll.

Tell us your favorite part.

P.S. – the dinner part at the end did it for me. second was the floaty

Tim Ghetto, you a fool for this one.

Jeremy Lin : Black or Asian? Jerry or Jeremy? Knicks or Giants?

God I love white girls.
She has that Crest Whitening Strips smile, nice curly hair, and a wife beater full of tits.
What more can you really ask for?
I mean, to add brains into this equation is certainly out of the question.
We have to remember that God is fair.

She insists to Jerry that her Sorority girls know how to party and like to have fun.
Paint me black, give me a Giants jersey, and 7 more inches on my cock and I’m good for the orgy.

Koreans Have Talent : Lee Ha Yi (KPOP Star)

Really excited.
Why? It’s about time Koreans are taken more seriously about their talents.
Put away the math,dry cleaning, and slanted eye jokes. Bring on the compliments.
We can dance, we can sing, we can do it with the best of em.
Guess what? Our country is half the size of Minnesota and we’re pumping out all sorts of shit.