Fuck Recession : 70% Off North Face

North Face looks to empty out some shelves by promoting a decent sale.
The items on sale are from past seasons, but who really gives a shit.
There’s some stuff for men, and a lot of exercising tights for women.
Time to work out the Valentine’s Day chocolate fat you picked up, why not do it in style?

Click HERE to view the sale.


Buy One Get One Free : Burger King

I’m not a big fan of Burger King but their Chicken Sandwich is mouth-watering.
I think it’s a bit pricey, and the taste varies on the location.
Sometimes, the bread can get dry, and the mayo isn’t evenly distributed.

H&M Sale

I buy probably 75% of my clothes from H&M. My whole closet is full of their 2 dollar shirts and 10 dollar sweaters. I know it’s the last day and all, but like me, you probably don’t have shit to do today anyways. Might as well go to the mall and save some money on some clothes to impress some lonely ass person at the bar today.

Am I Fat For Being Happy That A Restaurant Is Opening? Who Cares.

DisneyParks-The new restaurant, which continues to have historical ties to the inventor of the sandwich, the Sandwich family, will be located adjacent to AMC Theatres. Signature hot sandwiches will be available including The Original 1762, a sandwich of freshly roasted beef, sharp cheddar and creamy horseradish sauce all on freshly baked artisan bread. Soups, salads, wraps and desserts also are on the menu. Earl of Sandwich offers a vast array of hot and cold beverages including The Earl’s Grey Lemonade. Breakfast sandwiches and pastries will be available in the morning and a variety of catering options will be offered at this location. This will be the only Earl of Sandwich in California and it is sure to be a favorite among our guests as it has been at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Paris. We are very excited to welcome Earl of Sandwich to Downtown Disney District and hope to see you all there this summer!

Anybody who’s an anybody with a stomach who has been to Vegas, has been to Earl of Sandwich. I try to go at least twice every time I’m in Sin City. I’m trying to think of how to describe it, but I can’t. It’s just the best sandwich you’ve ever had, times the best sandwich you ever had, to the 4th power. I don’t know if I want to drive an hour to eat some sandwiches, but it’s a whole shit ton better than driving 4.

PS. This Earls better be open 24 hours a day too.

PPS. If you think Larchmont Village Spirits is better than Earls, you’re probably a hipster.


What to Eat if You’re Broke : Banquet Country Fried Chicken

This shit literally saved me in the days of unemployment.
It may not look like a first-class dinner, but it really gets the job done.
The taste is really not that bad at all, and for $0.99 cents, it’s much better than getting a burger at your local fast food joint.
I spray a little Sriracha sauce on that mug, and I’m good to go.
I scoop the mashed potatoes, dip it into the gravy, and eat it all with the corn.

Talking about this is making me wanna go out and buy one.
Real shit.

P.S. – Don’t mind the picture, it really is better than it looks.

Free Yogurt

How obnoxious is making your own “National” holiday? You can’t just up and make up your own day. That’s bullshit. I can’t just declare today National Loudmouse day cause I feel like it. I’m probably gonna go stand in line like all the other sheep for some free yogurt later, but I refuse to agree that February 6th belongs to Yogurtland. Try making it on the holiday website first assholes.

PS. Best yogurt goes: plain yogurt with fruity pebbles, cheesecake bite, cookie dough.

Never Buy DVDs at Barnes and Nobles

I would rather piss in a cup for a cop when I’m ass drunk than to buy a DVD at Barnes & Nobles.
It boggles my mind that the standard version of Moneyball costs $31.
I’m not attacking the movie here, because I actually enjoyed it.
But paying 31 dollars for a regular DVD is fuckin out of the question.
If you’re buying DVDs from Barnes and Nobles, you seriously need to jump off the third floor, into the magazine section.

I don’t think I would buy the Blu-Ray version of this movie for 31 dollars.