Throwback Thursdays. Fingerboarding

Not sure if kids still do it these days, but fingerboarding was the shit. I never figured out how to skateboard so I picked up the next best thing. Bored in social studies? Just whip out your little mini tape deck and get to practicing.


Excavator Water Park Ride

Fucking rednecks. Know how to live life huh? Can’t afford pools or to go to the waterpark so they build a pool and have uncle Cletus bring good ol’ bulldozer over to Uncle Bubba’s house. Ridiculous what broke people will do to have fun. Call me spoiled, but unless you put 5 Jessica Alba’s in that luxurious pool, I wouldn’t even stick a toe in that sewage. Who am I kidding. I’d probably be the first one cannonballing off the hook.

Just A Wednesday at LoudMouse

Been a fucking crazy 24 hours. I think I’m running on 2 hours of sleep right now. Html this and php that. Blogging is fucking hard enough without having to do all that technical bullshit. I’ve been on chat with sand n*ggers for the better part of the past 15 hours and we finally have our site semi back up. Sorry for all the inconvenience folks. We’ll make it up to you.

Anyways last night for dinner I got dragged to the Grove because a friend of mine was fiending for jambalaya. Now Gumbo Pot I admit, is pretty fucking delicious. That cornbread, walnut salad, louisiana hot sauce on jambalaya combo is deadly. Well guess what happens when we get to the Farmers Market by the Grove. A bunch of old people who migrated here after Katrina just blowing my spot up. Masked people everywhere, drunk as fuck, dancing like its a scene straight out of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so out of place before. I thought Mardi Gras was all about the glamour. Titty flashing and beads with a side of alcohol poisoning.

On a serious note though, even though I felt like I was on another planet, it was pretty fucking cool to see another culture like that. NOLA def is an interesting ass culture. It was the most interracial party I’ve seen. Kind of like the Saints. You see mexicans, black, asians, whites. It was a gumbo pot at the Farmers Market.

Just found this on youtube. It was JUST like this. Except I stood in a line that didn’t move for an hour for food I didn’t even eat.

How That Feel? Very Happy

March 15th. Can’t really put my finger on why Community’s such a fun show. It’s not even really funny. I guess it’s just entertaining. I never finished community college so I guess for me it’s kind of an insight into what I missed. Although if I had a Troy or Abed, I probably would’ve kept going to school.

Asian Strippers In New York Wearing Lin Jerseys On Stage

TMRzooLinsanity has reached every corner of New York and everyone seems to be getting excited… even the dancers at Rick’s Cabaret. That’s right, the girls from the favorite gentlemen’s club of the Howard Stern show staff have gone “Linsane”. “We love the Knicks, and Jeremy Lin is amazing,” said Sky, a dancer at the famous midtown Manhattan gentlemen’s club. “He’s done so much for the team. I think everyone here in New York has got the linsanity.” “He’s linvincible,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Anna. “I would like a lintroduction to him. I find him lintriguing,” she explained. “I’m wearing his #17 jersey, and its so easy to strip out of,” she cooed.“We support Lin and the Knicks. Anyone bringing their ticket stub after a Knick game will get complimentary admission here at the club,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alex.You can go to Rick’s yourself and discuss Jeremy Lin and the Knicks in person with all the girls.”

This is when you know this whole Linsanity is getting out of hand. Not the racist ESPN posts, not Mayweather and Lil Wayne being haters, not even when Kim Kardashians trying to fuck. You know it’s getting out of hand when Asian strippers are wearing his jersey as a stripper uniform. We’re talking about Jeremy Lin, the Chinese kid from Harvard who said his favorite rapper was LeCrae and that he listens to Hillsong? The same kid who’s taking the NBA by storm, but also was a leader of the Christian club at Harvard. I’m so jealous of J-Lin I can’t stand it. I’m sure there wasn’t ever an office pool over at ESPN, J-Lin losing his v-card by season end is something I’d bet on. With the addition of JR Smith, the insane amount of publicity to the point where Kim K herself is advertising herself and now strippers opening their legs with his number on his back. No way that man can stay single.

Epic Meal Time. Angry French Onion Soup?

I’d feel right at home with the epic meal time crew. It’s not even funny how well I’d fit in with these guys. I love getting drunk in the mornings and I cook weird shit all the time. Maybe not as weird as these fools, but my kitchen’s churned out some pretty strange shit. I have an unhealthy obsession with spicy food. I don’t put jam on my peanut butter sandwiches, I use Sriracha sauce. I douse most of my food in tabasco. Just a weirdass person like that. Anyways even though they make some ridiculous shit, I probably wouldn’t eat anything they make. The only thing that looked even remotely tasty was the lasagna. I’d feast with epic meal time over fast food lasagna.

Why Do People Like Chris Brown Again?

I don’t get it. I don’t think anything I write can even add to the police report or the pictures. I don’t get how people just forget about what happened just cause he’s talented. I don’t get why people are saying because Rihanna forgave him, everyone else should too. I didn’t even know the full story or see these pictures til now. I just heard Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Didn’t know it was to this extent. I’m fucking disgusted.