The “Luckiest” People You’ll Read About Today

SAN FRANCISCO — The owner of a helicopter flight school whose student was involved in a mid-air collision said Monday the pilot narrowly escaped what could have been a deadly crash after the chopper was hit from behind by a small plane. Instead, the pilots of both the Robinson R22 helicopter and Beechcraft Bonanza plane escaped with minor injuries after making rough emergency landings Sunday evening just north of Antioch, about halfway between Oakland and Sacramento.The chopper pilot, a 29-year-old woman, is an experienced commercial airplane pilot who was logging night-flying hours alone toward a helicopter license, said Wayne Prodger, owner of Vertical CFI Helicopters in Hayward.There are about 12 mid-air collisions each year in the United States, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.While infrequent, the mishaps are often deadly, said Peter Leffe, a Los Angeles-based aviation accident investigator.”Both pilots are exceedingly lucky to be alive,” he said of the weekend collision. “They can count their blessings.”

This one time i payed for a McChicken sandwich at the McDonalds drive thru and they handed me a 20 piece chicken mcnugget combo meal with fries and a drink. That was lucky. Another time, I bought a Korean flag and I gave the guy 5 dollars but he gave me back 45$. That’s lucky. Also retarded on his part. I once convinced a girl 3 times better looking than me to sex me in the car. That was luck with a side of a well planned strategy of a drunk man executing it to perfection. All of these are lucky things. Running into each other with fucking airplanes and helicopters and surviving to tell about it is not lucky. It’s just some fucked up coincidence where 2 people who both sold their souls to the devils put their “luck” to the test and got away with it. By motherfuckinggolly if these 2 aren’t illuminatis I don’t know up from down anymore.


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