Operation ‘In The Ville’ Seems Like The Biggest Waste Of Police Time

New York City– Police discovered 200 bags of crack cocaine and marijuana packaged in candy wrappers on Tuesday during a raid that ended in 14 arrests.The bust marks “the culmination of a nine-month investigation, dubbed Operation ‘In the Ville,’ in which undercover officers made 69 purchases of crack-cocaine for approximately $4,000,” according to a press release from the New York Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor.Members of the NYPD’s Narcotics Bureau Brooklyn North entered two apartments in the Brownsville neighborhood, where they found three loaded handguns — a 9mm, a .380 caliber and a .40 caliber with a high capacity magazine — as well as 200 bags of crack cocaine, and $300 cash. Police also discovered marijuana packaged in Sour Patch candy bags. The substances, cash, and weapons were hidden in a safe inside a kitchen stove, according to authorities.

These have to be the dumbest criminals of the day. I personally can’t pass up a watermelon sour patch kid. I’d probably punch a kid in the face and yank if from him if I had to. So what made these idiots think they could pull a fast one on the fattest police in the world. You think my cravings for sour patch kids is bad? Try waving a bag of just the salt and sugar leftovers of a movie sized sour patch bag in front of a black and blue pig and see what happens. They’d probably mace you in the eyeballs for fucking rattling their cages. I’ve never tried crack cocaine so I don’t know if it smells or not, but my foolproof way to get away with selling weed in high school was to keep it in this wd40 bottle that opened at the bottom. It even sprayed real wd40. They’re so creative I’ve seen Pringles cans open from the bottom with real chips in the top compartment. I swear new York might have the dumbest criminals in the world.


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