Would You Suck Venom Out of Your Friends Balls To Save His Life?

The Telegraph
A BRITISH tourist was bitten “down under” by a killer snake while answering a call of nature in the bush.The reptile sunk its fangs into Jackson Scott’s testicle as he squatted in the dark.But when he begged best mate Roddy Andrews to suck the venom out, his pal refused, reports The Sun.Instead he drove Jackson on a 40-minute life-or-death dash to Hobart where doctors gave him an antidote to the deadly tiger snake poison.Musician Jackson, 29, of Glasgow, said: “I went into the garden at four in the morning after a night in the pub to save flushing the toilet because water is precious in the outback.”Just as I finished and was about to tuck everything safely away, it bit me. I had my pants around my knees when I hobbled into Roddy’s bedroom. My heart was racing and I was hallucinating.”Needless to say, Rod was not of a mind to suck out the poison.”Jackson, starting a year’s working holiday at the remote farm, added: “The doctors and nurses were very professional. They didn’t take the mickey out of me being bitten on my wedding tackle.”

This should be a question directed more towards Ben, but he likes sucking testicles whether they have snake venom in there or not. Anyways would you suck the venom out of your friends balls in order to save his life? I’m talking about like your best fucking friend. The guy who introduced you to your current girlfriend. The guy who said he’d take a bullet for you. So you have that voucher somewhere in your wallet just in case someone is trying to shoot you. Pretty much your best fucking mate. So you’re either gay or a coward and I’m sorry but if there’s one thing you don’t wanna be, it’s a fucking pussy coward. On the list of shit you don’t wanna be its like 2)Gay 1) pussy coward. A real man would save his homies life.

PS.Gawdamnit does writing this make me gay?

PPS. Does this sound like the best plot ever for a porn. Girl come here and suck the venom out of my balls.


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