This Mormon Chick Gets Hassled For Dressing Like A Librarian

DailymailBeing Valentine’s Day, it might have been hoped that an impromptu letter would be filled with admiring comments and sweet remarks. Unfortunately for one young woman she was passed a note by a fellow student.. offering some stern words about her sense of style. Brittany Molina, 21, who studies accountancy at Brigham Young University, Utah, was walking through campus when a young man approached her with a sheet of paper – and then dashed away. On Valentine’s Day, Miss Molina posted on Twitter: ‘So this boy came up to me… I thought he was giving me a love note. Miss Molina then wrote on Twitter: ‘I’ll remember to dress in jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes tomorrow. That way I don’t make people feel uncomfortable.’Dozens of the student’s followers have commented on the derisory ‘Valentine’. Although most comments were supportive of Miss Molina there were words of support for the unknown letter writer.The college is heavily influenced by Mormonism and offers students the opportunity to not only study but to focus ontheir faith.Students must follow on honor code which along with abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, coffee and swearing, asks that they follow a dress code.

Holy shit BYU is pretty much the worst college ever huh. No coffee or swearing? What kind of coffee are we talking about here. Probably Starbucks right? I heard Starbucks was owned by some kind of cult. What about Iced Coffee? That’s okay right. And what constitutes swearing? I swear my mom still think Shut Up is a bad word. Like when someone cuts her off, she just rolls down the window and drops “SHUT UP” bombs.

Piece of advice though Brittany. Lose the cardigan and the leggings and ol’ anonymous won’t be complaining. Sure BYU is a conservative school and all, but it’s still a Mormon school. Isn’t the mormon code to fuck as many girls you can and spread your seed far and wide. For sure Mormons have the best religion. Go figure that they teach you to be conservative in College and as soon as you’re out, you’re having trouble trying to pick which of the 27 wives you’re going down on Friday night.

PS. No bullshit. BYU has a list of fictional characters that went to BYU on their Wiki. I don’t even know how to react to that.


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