Suerte NBA 02/17/2012

Huh. Look at that. Kris Humphries in the top 5 last night. Good job Mr Kim Kardashian. And how bout Lob City. The Clippers are going to be very scary if they keep closing games like they did last night. Kenyon Martin is helping on the defensive end like nobody thought. Lots of good games today though folks. Jeremy Lin taking on the Hornets at home. The Hornets who traded CP3 for pretty much a draft pick and Eric Gordon and EJ is out at least another month. So expect Jeremy Lin and Melo to mesh pretty well today. They’re going to need all the practice they can before they take on Dallas Sunday. Suerte bitches

Winning pick in bold, home team on the right.

Miami -9.5 at Cavs
Dallas +3 at Sixers
Hornets at Knicks -10
Suns +8 at Lakers

5-5 on the year. Probably end up getting 2-2 again tonight. Better than losing though right.


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