Nekkid Brittney Palmer

YES! YES! YES! A couple months ago, I ran this poll asking who was hotter. Brittney Palmer or Arianny Celeste. Close vote, but Arianny ended up winning. I don’t care cause Brittney Palmer wins in my book every time. Naked Brittney Palmer though? Never thought this day would come. Oh yeah and my comment about the black girl, she’s actually not that ugly when she’s alone. I’ve seen her by herself and she’s kind of hot. It’s just that you put her in between two of the hottest bitches to roam earth and yeah she’s going to look like a 30 year old Michelle Obama.

Naked Brittney Palmer after the jump. Seriously don’t click at work or in front of your girlfriend. It took me like 4 cups of coffee to get the courage to post this at work.


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