Adele Leaked Photos?

I can stomach a lot of things. Two girls one cup had me dry heaving, but I kept my cool. Those terrorist beheadings didn’t really phase me. I can watch a lot of abnormal things but I swear if I ever saw Adele naked I don’t think I could sex ever again normally. Every vagina from now til death would remind me of that one picture. I still remember the first porn picture I ever saw. It was a girl sticking a cucumber up her butthole. Took me like 20 minutes trying to figure out whether it that was shit or a cucumber because I couldn’t understand why anybody would stick something in something that was made to bring shit out. To this day I don’t think I can ever anal a girl. Mentally scarred forever. Also I’ve never ate a cucumber after that too. So all of you twisted fucking perverts need to stop coming here for naked Adele pictures. We don’t have any. Even if we did, you really need to question yourself and ask if you actually like women if you’re googling “adele leaked photos.” We’re actually just looking out for you.

PS. Don’t get me wrong I’m as big of an Adele fan as they come. I know literally every lyric to every song. So what I write isn’t a reflection of how I feel towards Adele, it’s just why would you want to fucking see her naked?


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