People In Maine Would Rather Be Jeremy Lin Than Mark Zuckerberg?

Okay first things first, according the “The Social Network”, Zuckerberg didn’t even graduate Harvard. Why is he even on this list? Every kid in America is probably all “I DONT NEED TO GO TO HARVARD MOM! ZUCKERBERG DIDN’T GRADUATE AND HES A FUCKING GAJILLIONAIRE MOM. I’LL DO MY CALCULUS HOMEWORK NEVER.” I know I know. Jeremy Lin is all over your facebook newsfeed and yes, everybody and their mamas are all talking about him. It’d be nice to be that popular. It’d be nice to be leading the Knicks back into playoff contention and yes it’d be nice to be a hero. But do you know who Mark Zuckerberg is? He’s the Henry Ford of our generation. Except facebook is better than cars. Guy is a fucking 27 year old bajillionaire. He’s got the whole world in his hands. To take Jeremy Lin over Mark Zuckerberg is just Linsanity.
 PS. Way to go Hawaii. Fuck Conan and our President. I’m totally with you on this one. If I got 1000 votes, I’d vote Zuckerberg 999 times and throw in one for Lin. Just for fun. Lin and Zuckerberg can run this country right?


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