Mouse Tank. Pong Beer

I’ve been watching this show recently called Shark Tank and I’ve decided we’re gonna do our own version of it here on loudmouse. We see an invention or something cool and we’ll tell you if we’d buy it or not much like the show Shark Tank.

Everybody knows that the beer pong has to be played with either Coors Lite or Bud Lite. No fucking exceptions. I’ve played Natural Ice pong, Heineken pong, vodka pong, water pong, the list is endless. Now if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my pong career, it’s that there is no substitute for Coors Lite or Bud Lite straight out of the can. No Kegs, no bottles. Just the can. That’s the only way to play beer pong. So Loudmouse is out. We can’t buy your product, Pong Beer. Ask Mark Cuban or Dayman. They might be interested.

PS. Actually I would buy ONE 30 pack. Just to have 200 ping pong balls. What a fucking deal right?

PPS. 50% of American students play beerpong? No way. That numbers way off. Even virgins and amish folks play beerpong. I thought it’d be in the high 90’s


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