This Girl Has A Disease That Makes Her Act Like She’s Drunk And On Her Period All The Time

Dailymail-Alanna suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), a sleep disorder that means she can fall into a trance-like state without warning, sleep for 18 hours at a time and throw terrifying tantrums.The episodes, which see Alanna spend weeks almost entirely unaware of her surroundings, cause her to act entirely out of character.Her behaviour becomes erratic and unpredictable. Usually a polite, healthy, clean-living girl, Alanna becomes rude and argumentative. Healthy eating goes out of the window as she gorges on junk food. After one three-week episode where she ate a constant stream of pizza, chips and sweets, Alanna gained a stone.Most disturbing of all, Alanna has been known to engage in promiscuous behaviour while in an episode. But when she emerges from the trance, she has no memory of the disturbing events that have passed.At the age of 15, she lost her virginity with a boyfriend she had been with for just six months, something she says she would never have done if she had not been in a trance. The boy found it difficult to comprehend Alanna’s condition and ended the relationship soon afterwards. At parties, Alanna says she behave in a sexual manner without knowing what she was doing.

If this is a real disease, I’m going to feel pretty bad. How is this girl saying this isn’t the norm at 22. Eating junk food and getting fat. Sleeping for 18 hours. Acting rude and argumentative. These are all the symptoms for premenstrualperioditis. Aka your period. Behaving in a sexual manner without knowing what she was doing at parties? That’s just being a regular drunk ass 22 year old girl. Live life girl. What is down syndrome again? Where you get stuck living as a 3rd grader the rest of your life? Well whatever you have, most people behave that way the rest of their lives anyways. Living out your college years over and over again ain’t something to complain about. Ask any UC student, what they did last night for Valentines day. Got high and drunk, pounding pringles and donuts, giving handjobs and not remembering.


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