Suerte NBA 02/15/2012

Jeremy Lintendo 64. The Linja at it again. On Va-LIN-tines day. Wow. Now the highlights don’t show you this part, but the Knicks were down all game. They never lead until that 3 ball. With 1:05 left, Lin had an and one layup and tied the game up with the free throw. His heroics weren’t just that one shot, it was the entire game. On a night where people wondered how Amare would fit into all this, Lin stepped it up big time. Sure he had 8 turnovers, but he didn’t let that bad game affect him. Amare got his shots blocked 7 fucking times and went 8-22 on the field. Guy was missing layup after layup. Landry Fields couldn’t get his shot going. People ask what it’ll be like when Melo gets back. They’re going to be a whole shit ton better than they were before. Lin is a point guard. It’s not like he’s going to go out every night and shoot the ball 25 times a game like hes Kobe. If Mike D’Antoni can’t get this to work, he needs to find another job. He’s like the mastermind of running offense right? If he can’t get a play off team out of a pure scorer like Melo, an athletic 4 with a jump shot in Amare, and the hottest point guard in the league in Lin, then he needs to go find a job teaching high school JV or something.

Home team on right, winning team in bold.

Pacers -1.5 at Cavs
Grizzlies -4 at Nets
Thunder -4 at Rockets
Blazers +5 at Warriors

I think the records at 2-2


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