Tuesdays With Mike B : Behind “You Are”

LMDS : Tell me.
Mike B : New joint off the Mike B Weeklys, as promised. Three weeks into it now, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. A feel good track, something for you to vibe out to.

LMDS : Speaking of which, what are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
Mike B : Work(laughs). Might sound a bit bitter, but it’s just another day to me.

LMDS : So you’re single?
Mike B : Music’s been the only thing consistently filling the void inside me for awhile. Until I find that same passion for someone, yeah….I guess so.

LMDS : What did you do last Valentine’s Day?
Mike B : I had two dates for the night. I took my mom and grandma out for dinner.

LMDS : If there’s one celebrity you can spend Valentine’s Day with, who would it be?
Mike B : Alicia Keys. I’ll be hitting her keys ALL NIGHT.

LMDS : For all the people spending Valentine’s Day alone, a word?
Mike B : Hey, it’s just another day. Everyday can be Valentine’s Day. You don’t need a day set aside the year to show somebody you care for em.


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