Happy Valentine’s Day

I know we say a lot of foul shit on our blog, but I wanted to take 5 minutes to be serious for a second.
Valentine’s Day is not just about romance. It’s about celebrating love.
Don’t be too discouraged, because love comes in many forms.
It’s about expressing your gratitude and appreciation for all types of relationships that you currently possess in your life.

Chocolates,dinners,movies, and dick rubs are a plus, but there’s no need to hang yourself because you didn’t receive a Valentine’s Day gram.

If you think sweets,sex, or a dinner date is the only way you’ll feel important, chances are you need to find a different source of confidence.

Now go jack off using your own tears as lubricant if you’re lonely.

http://www.spankwire.com should definitely do the trick.

P.S. – Of course I’m not a loser, so I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day with a significant other. HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKERS!!!

P.P.S. – New banner to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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