Valentines Day Advice

I’m probably the last person you should take relationship advice from, but here’s one thing I know about gift giving on Valentines day. Some occasions beg for cliche presents. You propose with a wedding ring, you eat cake on birthdays. Trust me bros. The Flowers Chocolate Teddy Bear combo is the only way to do Valentines day. Sure you could take the easy way, be a sucker and do some super romantic scavenger hunt or take her to some 4 star restaurant, but some good old traditional gifts are gonna get your girl into her Vicky secrets. So get your pay advance and go overspend at Godiva and your local florist.

PS. I have a reasonably priced flowershop now, but here’s a trick for those of you not willing to spend a Benjamin on some plants. Go to Ralph’s, but 2 dozen roses for 25 bucks. Take those to any flowershop and give them 20 bucks to make it look pretty with those white things and new wrappings. Guarantee panty dropper. Plus your wallet won’t feel lighter.


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