Patrice Evra vs Luis Suarez

I want to start this entry by stating that I will always have a certain form of distaste for Luis Suarez and Liverpool Football Club.
The demeanor and behavior of Suarez on Saturday’s game was absolutely shameful. Not only as a professional player, but as a human being.
Refusing to shake the hand of someone who you racially abused, when the player whom abused made an attempt to settle things first.

Did anyone see that sly “clearance” Suarez had towards Evra?
I really wonder who was involved in the half-time tunnel row.

I applaud Rio’s loyalty not only to United but to Evra as well.
He refused to shake hands with Suarez after seeing Suarez pull out of his with Evra.
I disagree with Rooney when he said that the issue was only between Evra and Suarez.
If I was aware of what happened in the handshake row, I would not have shook hands with Suarez.

I don’t see this as class-less at all.
I think Evra earned the right to celebrate after all the shit he took from Suarez.
Evra remained calm through out the whole game, and conducted himself in a very professional manner.
I think he couldn’t help but to celebrate, given that this game was more than just a victory for points.

P.S. – I honestly think Suarez had one up on Evra when it came to the mental battle. To me, it seemed as if Evra was more hesitant to defend when Suarez had the ball.


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