Shut the Fuck Up : Tyler the Creator


I’ve never really heard any of his music and I probably won’t get a chance to.
I ran across this knucklehead’s tweet the other day and felt compelled to rant as well.

You’re a teenage kid with probably 25% skill of what it takes to be a real rapper. You’ve created this rebellious I don’t give a fuck persona that everyone is eating up. You landed some gigs and got popular for being the black Dennis the Menace, and now you wanna complain about how bad stardom is.
Shut the fuck up. You have an occupation that most people would kill to have. A little glitz and glamour, and now you’re complaining and saying we don’t know what it’s like? Pfft. You’re a fuckin clown. Go back to skating on Fairfax and give these real aspiring rappers a chance instead of crying like the 14 year old pre pubescent kid you portray to be.

P.S – I’m sure he’s the best rapper in the world to some of you ignorant idiots, but I don’t support this Steve-O of rap that makes his job sound to be a 9-5 shoveling horse shit.


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