Would You Ever Buy A 68 Dollar Condom?

Mirror-In a contraceptive development that could see condoms move from being sold in pub toilets to your local’s car park from a ‘bloke in the know’, Louis Vuitton-inspired love hats have been unveiled.And luckily for the designer-inhaling likes of the TOWIE brigade, they’re not officially endorsed by the French fashion house – meaning the fake prophylactics are about as authentic as they can get while getting it on.Artist Irakli Kiziria is behind the knock-off anti-knocking up devices – although at $68 a throw, you may as well as consider bringing up a child anyway, financially speaking.Hopefully, fashion-conscious lovers will be able to spot a fake when they see one.Coming in brown packaging very similar to the brand’s instantly recognisable look, the sheaths are not expected to be available in stores any time soon

68 dollars for a condom? That’s 18 more dollars than the woman I’d have to buy to use the condom on. There’s a lot of spoiled sluts in Los Angeles and you’re naive if you disagree. Either that or you’re one of them. But let me tell you, if I run into that one bitch who thinks my condom has to be name brand to bang her, I will armbar her on sight. Penis’ don’t look pretty. No need to dress mine up to match your purse.

You know what sucks about regular 3 dollar condoms though. That smell. I can’t put my finger on it, but that fucking plastic smell just throws the whole dynamics off. No matter how many times you wash your hands, that smell is still there. Worst part is in like when you wake up in the middle of the night and you pick your nose and you get condom smell stuck in your nose til you go to sleep. I bet Louis Vuitton condoms don’t even smell. I bet they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. And I bet they kill all the sperm so there’s no chance of babies. Plus you probably last 200% longer.

PS. We’re trying to think of ways to make some money off loudmouse. Would you guys buy loudmouse condoms?


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