Ji-Sung Park Reaches 200 Caps for Manchester United

This is an amazing achievement for ANY player, let alone a player from the Far East.
It was rumored that Park was acquired from PSV as a simple marketing tool for Man United.
7 years later, he’s still selling shirts,still winning medals,still breaking records, and still an important player to United.
I might be biased because I’m South Korean, but I consider Park to be the BEST Asian player to ever grace the game.
He might not have scored as much as Cha Bum Geun, or has been praised the way Nakata as been, but his ability to be a professional is undeniable.
Not only has he opened doors for other Koreans to flow through the Premier League, but he has also broadened the knowledge and exposed other countries to the Asian continent.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, he’s a good player.
You should fuck off, and go fuck your mother if you feel otherwise.

I often compare Man Utd to the Bulls when Jordan played.
Imagine an Asian player playing aside Jordan back then.



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