Luis Suarez Kicks Scott Parker in the Stomach

I’m going to start off by expressing my disgust for this piece of shit Luis Suarez.
My opinion of him has nothing to do with his skills as a football player, but his character as a human being.
I’ve had a personal distaste for the player since he scored that amazing curler against South Korea in the World Cup, but it was nothing personal.
I’m not going to express my disgust with this Liverpool shitbag in regards to his racist comments towards Patrice Evra. The only thing I can say is that football is the world’s biggest sport, and there’s absolutely no room for racism in the beautiful game.

But this type of shit really makes me think this cunt bucket hasn’t learned his lesson on keeping his cool.

That is unbelievable.
He had no intention of hitting the ball with his leg.
He should’ve been sent off, and he should’ve been suspended.
That was his first game back from a 8 match suspension.

P.S. – I know this is old but…


One thought on “Luis Suarez Kicks Scott Parker in the Stomach

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you about Luis Suarez. Suarez is a filthy player and I find it deeply disturbing how supportive Liverpool players, fans, and most of all their manager, who I used to respect, are of Suarez.

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