Gays Can Marry In California. Somewhere, Ben Is Celebrating

Yes. We live in California and yes Congress just overturned Prop 8, the ban on same sex marriage. Now believe it or not, I don’t not like the gays. I’ve met plenty of cool gay people in my life and they’re no different from me and you. I’ve met gays who hate Lebron just like the many straight people who hate Lebron. They read loudmouse, I read loudmouse. I see no difference from the gays except who they go home with or to, and who I go home with or to. The only thing about this Prop 8 being unbanned I don’t like, is gay being thrusted into my life. I ran into at least 5 pictures of dudes kissing while looking for this one. You can call me a homophobe whatever, but I think you can’t just kill the ban and go about it like it was never there. Gays are hated more than any other body of people right now for sure. I read about a new kid getting bullied at least once a day. That’s certainly going to get a lot worse when this passes. I’m not saying I’m against gay marriage here, just keep it away from me. I know what I wrote doesn’t seem realistic, but I guess I thought the government would just be lazy about it and not take action this fast. The aspect of this that affects me directly is shit like having being gay more and more sociable acceptable to the point where it’s all over the media and pretty soon gays think its okay to just start kissing in front of straight people. I’m not even registered to vote so I have no actual say in the manner, just my 2 cents on the unbanning of banning gay marriage.


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