Earthquakes in The Philippines

More Earthquake pictures after the jump.

I’m going to try as hard as I can not to sound insensitive, but didn’t the Philippines already look like this? I thought they were already a third world country with villages everywhere. I have Philipino friends who tell me all the time about how they payed off cops to get away with shit because the police are so poor or how about that one youtube video where a man goes around his village with a 2 liter bottle and turns it into a lamp for every household. Natural disasters suck, especially when it’s something like an earthquake that can change peoples lives so quickly. All I’m saying is, no harm no foul right?


One thought on “Earthquakes in The Philippines

  1. 26 people died. Not really no harm. I’m currently living in the Philippines and they have more large, international stores than my home town in a “first world” country. I have seen a more organized and effective response to the recent typhoon here, both from local government and the communities themselves, than I did when I volunteered after flooding in the USA last year.

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