Tuesdays with Mike B : Behind “Whoopty Doo”

Los Angeles native Mike B is set to release a series of hazardous verses on a weekly basis as he looks to soar above the stereotypes.
He calls it “Mike B Weeklies”.
His newest addition to the series will be premiered tonight exclusively through Loud Mouse  , and here’s what he had to say about his newest joint, “Whoopty Doo”……

LDMS : So tell me a little bit about the song……

Mike B : Well, the first verse I mainly speak about my Grandma.
She’s been my foundation of who I am as a person, and helped me shape who I am today since I was eating my own snot.

LDMS : Your favorite line in the song?

Mike B : John Q, I’d give up my heart for you/ Against an army of Spartans, I’d go to war for you/

LDMS : Explain why you chose that one.

Mike B : It’s a reference to the movie “John Q” starring Denzel Washington. When he fails to find a matching heart transplant for his dying son, he contemplates suicide to give his son, his own.

LDMS : Did you have a similar experience? (laughs)

Mike B : I was in 5th grade when my Grandmother was diagnosed with heart failure. She had a stroke right in front of me at the hospital. She went under surgery and she’s been running on a pacemaker to keep her heart going. The doctor said the life of the pacemaker would last at most 10 years. It’s been 13 years since, and she’s healthier than ever. That line precisely captures the love and desire I have for my grandmother, the same way Denzel had for his son in the movie.

LDMS : What’s one thing you want the listener to walk away with after hearing your song?

Mike B : You have people that’ll be the holding crutches throughout your life.
This song is not only a reminder to myself, but to everyone that often neglect and forget the important people in their lives.
I don’t think I express enough of my gratitude to them, and this song seemed fitting as a platform to do exactly that……

You can catch the song “Whoopty Doo” tonight on Loud Mouse.
till then…

artwork by John Qudoe Lee.

You can check out more of Mike B’s music on his YouTube page.



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