NBA Top 10 02/06/2012

I’m sure all of your asian friends are posting about the New York Knicks’ new talent Jeremy Lin all over your facebook newsfeed. He’s like the Tebow of the NBA. Virgin. Christian. Likeable. Picked him up in like 3 Fantasy Leagues so I have no choice but to root for the guy now. The other story of the night, Kobe Bryant. Wow. I really don’t like the dude, but I give credit where credits due. I never looked at his point total on a large scale and this is actually kind of amazing. Look at all of those other names on there. Puts into perspective what a feat scoring 30k in a career is.


2 thoughts on “NBA Top 10 02/06/2012

  1. really proud of jeremy lin finally representing for asians in basketball. AS A POINT GUARD. pretty amazing. and yea hope he doesnt fuck it up like jin the MC but with those plays he was making doesnt look like he will. lets jus see him do this to an actually GOOD team tho. and finally u r praising Kobe the King like u should =]

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