Los Angeles Sports Update

Good news for Lakers fan everywhere. Chauncey Billups is out for the season. I’m starting to notice true Lakers fans hate the Clippers more than any other team right now. So cheers. A lot less worrying about the backcourt of the Clippers for now. If they end up signing J.R. Smith, it’ll be a totally different story.

In other news, the Lakers cut perennial star power forward Derrick Caracter today. Caracter hasn’t played an NBA game since 04/13/2011. You will be missed Derrick. By nobody. Maybe the Lakers can finally sign someone who is relevant now. When I say relevant I mean black. Look at the Clippers. The next time you see a Clippers game, look at their entire team. They don’t have one white guy. That’s why they’re in second place. Their whitest player is Blake. I honest to God thought he was an albino til today, but that picture down there proves otherwise. Yeah that’s Tommy and Gail Griffin.


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