They Don’t Have Hot Pockets In England?

MetroUKPick up a slice of the toasting action with Britain’s first pop-up pizza. Health bodies may complain but junk food lovers will celebrate after a new pop-up pizza you can cook in four minutes was launched by Marks and Spencer.The pizzas, the first of their kind on the high street, will be available for £2 and have a pre-cooked base.The appetisers come in a ‘pocket’ that will prevent the contents spilling out into the toaster.But critics have said the new snacks may lead to people over-indulging, with a typical slice of the pizza containing 190 to 250 calories, which is twice as much as that of a slice of toast.

On Saturday I ended up getting whiteboy wasted. Spent an hour and $45 at 7-11 on scratchers. I literally lost on the same scratcher 9 times. It was fucking ridiculous. I just kept convincing myself the next one would win. Anyways after all of this, I ended up buying a box of hot pockets. I was so trashed when I got home that I couldn’t even use the microwave correctly. So I pulled out the hot pockets and just stuck em in my toaster for 2 minutes. Tasted fine. Now I don’t know if England is fucking stupid or not. But we’ve had this shit for years bro. That’d be like if I took a Big Mac to England and I changed the name to like Big Wanker. It’s just retarded. I would have no problem if you wanted to take some of our nasty shit over there to England so they wouldn’t come up with dumbass ideas like this. Like one of those chipotle blah blah blahs with beans and veggies Lean Pockets. Or even worse one of those ham egg and cheese lean pockets with cold frozen eggs, or God forbid… one of those Lean Pockets with cheese and broccoli.


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