The Voice

Like many Americans last night, I found myself watching The Voice. Now aside from ceelo green and xtina aguilera, the shows actually kind of fun. Not really sure why shitty singers aren’t on it because thats why American idol is so entertaining. Anyways here’s my beef with Cee Lo green. He looks like a really tall midget. Without trying to sound too offensive, midgets scare the shit out of me. Maybe I have a bad childhood memory engraved in my mind somewhere, but midgets strike that fear chord in me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s talented as hell. I just can’t look at the guy for more than 5 minutes. And Christina Aguilera looks like a blonde snooks. For real. Fat snooki. If youre gonna sit in that rotating chair there are standards. Look presentable bitch. Her going off on Maroon 5 guy was not cool.


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