This Will Probably Ruin Your Already Shitty Wednesday

Meet Mary Jose Cristerna, aka “The Vampire Woman,” aka “The Woman Of Your Dreams.” What kind of dreams is she the woman of? That’s a Rorshach test only you can answer.

This is the part of blogging that sucks the most. I’m pretty much the middleman. I find the news and I present it in a way that you can make sense of it. I have to watch all the stupid videos, sort through hundreds of articles, watch countless hot chicks. It gets exhausting, but I love it and that’s why I do it. Shit like this though is not cool. I know its interesting as fuck, so I posted it, but this lady is literally going to haunt me at night. Her face is embedded in my brain right now. This Kerrigan monster is scaring the shit out of me by just existing. Look at her. Bitch has horns. She has vampire teeth. She has Chris Angel hooks in her back. I’m scared as hell right now. I’ve been trying to go to Mexico for years, but I need to take care of my vampire phobia before I can get 1 dollar beers and 10 peso tacos.


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