How Scary Is a Bisexual Child Molester

LOS ANGELES ā€” Bail for a former elementary school teacher accused of taking bizarre photos of children in his classroom for a sexual thrill was raised Wednesday to $23 million, as parents questioned why they weren’t notified when the pictures were found more than a year ago.
Mark Berndt, 61, appeared in court for the first time after being charged with committing lewd acts involving 23 boys and girls, ages 6 to 10, between 2008 and 2010.The tall and graying Berndt, represented by public defender Liz Braunstein, seemed calm in court as he spoke only to acknowledge his identity and birthdate and agreed to have his arraignment put over to Feb. 21.”If it wasn’t for the film processor, this could still be continuing today,” said sheriff’s Lt. Carlos Marquez.

Is bisexuality for real? I don’t know how it is for females cause lesbians are fucking hot, but for guys you either like dick or you like pussy. There’s always the alternative of going for the ladyboys, but sexual preference is usually pretty straightforward. Now the laws of physical attraction may be different for child molesters. I always thought child molesters either liked little boys or little girls. This may be the first time I’ve heard of a bisexual child molester. How scary is a bisexual child molester? Its like in basketball when someone can shoot with their left and right hand. That’s the most dangerous kind of basketball player. Kind of amazing how the Sandusky trial opened up all kinds of new child molesting cases. I guess everyone’s braving it and tattling on their teachers.

PS. That guy has the most PERFECT child molester face.


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