Another Failed Korean Trying To Make It In American Entertainment

Do you know the game pisoy? Its a card game that literally every asian kid in America plays on the school bus. Well in pisoy the point of the game is to be the first one to use all your cards in the middle. You get 17 cards and you make poker hands with them. So if I had one card left and you had 10 still, wouldn’t you use your highest valued card to make sure I couldn’t put my card down? Well it’s kind of like that in this situation. Korea holds the hottest talent in the universe right now. I can say with no doubt in my mind the most talented boner-creating artist is Hyorin. Why send 9 useless korean chicks when one can do the job? Want to have a famous korean artist in America? Ship her ass overseas yesterday, give her some super sexy ass english name like Scarlet Rose and pretty soon paparazzi will be stalking her for nipple slips and scandals. Cue air humps.

PS. That was the worst song I’ve ever heard in my life. Worse than Verseatile, Sean Paul, Ke$ha. Absolute garbage.

PPS. If you play pisoy with diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades you need to kill yourself. You really do.

PPPS. Apparently “pusoy” is also called Chinese poker. I like it a whole lot less now. Anything made in China is 100x less appealing.


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