Nine Out of Ten People Don’t Like The New Facebook Timeline?

DailymailFacebook’s controversial ‘timeline’ feature is supported by just one in ten usersIt recently emerged that Facebook’s Timeline – which will expose people’s entire history on the site – is to become mandatory for all users.It means that all publicly viewable messages, photographs and comments will be grouped together by date.The survey, which was carried out by security form Sophos, also found that 51 per cent of those polled said they were ‘worried’ by the new feature. Just eight per cent said they would ‘get used to it’. The Timeline feature has been voluntary up until now.

So like I said last week, facebook timeline sucks dick. The stalking part, I’m not really complaining about because I’m pretty fucking positive nobody wants to stalk me. Most stalkers get more and more interested as they stalk, for me it’d be more “wow this guy didn’t do shit in 2008.” I’m more of a layout kind of person. Take loudmouse for example. At first glance, you think you’re going to get art. Something serious maybe. The mouse and the font kind of give you a dull vibe, but once you start reading, it’s like crack and you can’t stop reading. Right? Well the timeline layout just makes me want to punch everything around me. Walls, keyboards, mexicans. It makes me angry. Why fix something not broken right? Really what was wrong with this one. This was the perfect facebook.


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