Four Year Old Girls Parents Complaining Cause Their Daughter Had To Clean Her Own Piss

The Sun– A schoolgirl disabled after fighting a huge brain tumour wet herself in school — and was forced to clean it up in front of all her classmates. Liberty Rose Finn, four, has been left with incontinence issues due to her cancer. But her callous teacher made her tidy up after herself before making her stand facing a wall for ten minutes. Parents Carl and Dawn Finn were horrified when Liberty and her twin sister Destiny came home from school to tell them of the girl’s humiliation. And they were outraged further after complaining to Church Gresley Infant and Nursery School in Swadlincote, Derbys, just to get a letter saying the incident had been “fully investigated” and “dealt with”. The school also said appropriate action had been taken and the member of staff concerned “deeply regrets what has happened”. The family, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, have now hit back over the way the incident was handled. Carl said: “We strongly feel that the school, the board of governors and the education authority are trying to quietly sweep the matter under the carpet. “The teacher wasn’t suspended while the investigation was carried out. We have been told the governors have looked into the matter and they reassure us that our child’s welfare is of paramount importance and that appropriate action has been taken. However, they have not told us what the action was. My wife and I have watched our daughter bravely battle cancer. We have seen her inspire thousands of people. We will not see her humiliated in public. We cannot let this matter go with just a warning.”

I have no memories of anything beyond the age of 6. Literally the first memory I have is somewhere in Kindergarten. Anything beyond that is just history. That being said, I’m pretty sure I peed my pants til I turned 6. I’m also pretty sure that until I turned 6, I had to clean my own piss when I was out in public. You’re 4, that’s dandy and all, but are you going to go your whole life playing the cancer card? When you’re home, you can pee anywhere you want. The kitchen, your bed, your mom’s bed, the whole house is a bigass toilet when you’re 4. But strap on your Hello Kitty briefcase and say bye to your butch mom, you have to pee where people tell you to pee. Otherwise people are going to treat you like the cancer patient you are, all your life. Gees I thought the doctors fixed your brain.


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