Fuck You If You Do This

Asiantown– Chinese girl turns herself into 13 different girls after makeup

I’d be lying to you if I told you I wouldn’t take any of the girls on the right home. I’d probably fuck all 13 of them. On the right. The girl on the left? She has a seriously bad case of the nasties. This is exactly why you can’t trust women. Fuck a 7 and wake up with a solid 0. Frankly, it’s not right. It’s lying. It’s identity theft. This chick stole the shit out of the identity of someone I’d fuck. Not cool mole face. Not fucking cool. I admit I’m not the hottest guy on the block, but what you see is what you get. You’re never under the impression that I’m David Beckham, with the constant worry that with a blink of an eye I could turn into Donald Trump. She seriously went from a hard 0 to a 7. It’s not fair. You shouldn’t get 7 points that easily. As a guy, we get 2 maybe 3 points for humor. Not chicks though. All your points are how you look. Serious boner killer right here.


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