Throwback Thursday. Just Music

Here’s a random playlist of shit I listened to. You know how we attach memories to certain songs? Well this first song reminds me of my first pager. I just got it cause it looked cool as fuck. I didn’t even page anybody but my mom but it was just the thing to have back then. I would set alarms so that I could make it look like somebody was paging me. Ahh good times.

This next video reminds me of the first jersey I bought. For my 12th birthday I got a Eddie George Tennesee Titans Jersey. The man carried me to my first fantasy football title.

I’m not even going to lie. This was my jam. I used to shower to this, do homework to it. This was my fucking jam. You can call me gay, but Christina Aguilera was a hot piece of ass back then.

Ooh we’re going down down baby something something range rover. Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff. I still don’t know the lyrics. What I remember about this song was it was right around when I stopped using Napster and moved to Kazaa.

First CD I ever burned had this song 6 times. My cd guy at the time demanded I have 18 songs and 2 dollars. I couldn’t find 18 songs so I just put this 6 times. Still doesn’t get old.


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