Throwback Thursday. Disney Princesses

I always have this argument and I don’t there’s any other order of this list that makes any sense. There are opinions and then there are facts. Fact: Belle is for sure the hottest Disney Princess. I’m not the best looking guy out there, but if Belle can kiss the Beast, I’m sure she can throw a peck my way.

1) Belle. For sure Belle is on another level of Disney Princess.

2) Ariel. Everyone loves a pretty redhead. Especially if her dad’s a God.

3) Rapunzel. I know. I know. Her movies too new to be considered here, but you have to admit shes top 3 hottest princess’. After she cuts her hair to save her boyfriend though. Eh. So Rapunzel with Gold hair is 3. Brunette Rapunzel is like 9.

4) This is a tough one for me. I’m going with Pocahontas. Sure her feet are probably harder than rocks and you have to live with savages, but that mexican look she has is too enchanting.

5) By default I had to pick Jasmine. Some might say she should be higher, but that’s probably cause you think Aladdin is an awesome movie. Listen, Jasmine didn’t make that movie awesome. The Genie did. Why do you think Genie had his own TV series after that huh.

¬†Honorable mention. I couldn’t put a human as a Disney Princess. That’s just not fair. Amy Adams as a human is definitely near the top of this list. Animated as a Disney Princess? One above Mulan.

PS. Why is Mulan considered a Disney Princess?


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